Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

Commenting on the recruitment of independent panel members for HFEA

Southend on Sea Borough Council

John Williams, Head of Legal and Democratic Services

Professional Regulators

Comments from our large panel of legal assessors

Essex County Council

Philip Thomson, County Solicitor

Southern Housing Group

Phillippa T Caine, Company Secretary

The Hyde Group

John Edwards, Group Company Secretary

North West Legal Consortium

Caroline Elwood, Legal Director

West London Legal Alliance

Terry Osborne, Borough Solicitor, Brent Council

Housing Corporation

Peter Driver, Board Secretary

City of Stoke-on-Trent

Paul Hackney, Acting City Secretary

Corporate tender for BUPA

Paul Newton, Group Legal Director

The Corona Group

Martin Dives, Chief Executive

The Housing Corporation

Alene Wilton, Head of Corporate Affairs & Secretary to the Board

Law Society's Local Government Group

Nigel Roberts, Past Chairman

Commissioner for Public Appointments

Independent Assessor
Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments commenting on Anthony Armitage's performance as a member of an interview selection panel

Warwick District Council

Mary Sue Stathe, Legal Services Manager
Commenting after interviewing 5 firms in respect of a proposed call-off contract for legal work

Daventry District Council

Mary Gallagher, Legal Services Officer
Commenting after completing a tender of the entire legal service function of the Council

Daventry District Council

Dec Rosier, Director of Support Services

Britain's General Union, GMB

Richard Ascough, Senior Organiser
Commenting in relation to the outsourcing of bulk pension claims for members

Guidant Corporation

David Scharf, Senior Counsel
Speaking after securing representation for registering an employee stock purchase plan in several European jurisdictions from a Magic Circle law firm